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Monday, August 29, 2011
And Let the Festivities Begin! @ 7:36 AM

Good morning Pictor and welcome to Barnard move-in!

From the front gates, everything looks super chaotic. Students, their families, and all their luggage are lined up in multicolored chalk boxes all around Barnard's campus and everywhere you look, Orientation Leaders (in green and blue shirts) are running around helping people check out carts and move in.

Constellation Leaders are the only "helpers" in white shirts so you can't get us confused.

I have already come around to some of your rooms to introduce myself and I am super excited to meet everyone else as the day progresses.

Just a small tip: Orientation week is, hands down, overwhelming. You will meet a bazillion people this week, many of whose names you may forget. But, don't worry about that. Once school starts, things will go to "normal", or at least calm down a bit. But remember, it's always helpful to have upperclassmen friends in addition to your fellow first year friends! So don't shy away from the many activities that you have!

Anyway, again, I am very excited to meet all of you!