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Friday, August 26, 2011
IRENE! @ 5:59 PM

Hurrican Irene is rapidly approaching. I do not know if it is actually going to be a HUGE deal like everyone in NYC and the east coast is making it out to be, but it's always good to be cautious, which is why I have fled to New Jersey!

However, for those of you who are in its path/have had flights cancelled, please be safe!

On another note, here is a recap of everything that has been taking place on Facebook!

1. We have a personal Pictor Librarian who will be contacting us shortly and be joining us for out Constellation Pictor Pizza Party

2. Due to Hurricane Irene, move-in has been delayed to Monday.

3. Because move-in is now on Monday, the Barnard Loves NYC Event has been moved to Sunday, September 4th.

4. Our Pizza Party will not be after the Barnard Loves NYC event but on Tuesday evening.

5. Lastly, did you know that Barnard serves Crumbs cupcakes and very recently, Starbucks coffee???

That's all for now!

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